What is CU Hack Night?

CU Hack Night is a meetup of diverse people from our local community. Our focus is problem solving, using our collective skills. Most of our work is computer-based, but it doesn’t have to be limited to technology. At this point, CU Hack Night is on hiatus, but if you have interesting problems you can submit them with the “Share an Idea” link on the left, and someone will contact you. It’s worth emphasizing that our hack night is not a competitive contest (or “hackathon”). We are not under time constraints and we’re not judging the output. At any given hack night, we need two kinds of people:

During the working part of each meetup, we break into groups to work on projects, which could be small or go on over many weeks. Anyone is welcome to bring an idea to work on, and everyone is welcome to work on whatever idea sounds most interesting to them. At the beginning of our meeting, we introduce ourselves, share announcements, and have a speaker talk about something of interest. Then we break into groups and, well, hack!